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A Place where dreams come true and memories are made!
Dear Men


Welcome to Tia Escort!


Tia the escort team

Escort Tia escort, we translated with "dream dreams, or rather women must not remain an illusion! "

Behind Tia-Escort  we are - a young, dynamic and purposeful team, with much passion and attention to detail in addition to professional escorts in mediate segment. We always act friendlyand honest in dealing with all parties involved. You can contact us Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm also on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm by phone or by mail. We see ourselves as an agency with more value, more like just a pure service provider. We break new ground often, just because we have a professional history exhibit, which has little to do with escort but very much with market economy. Tia-Escort was launched in 2009 and has since enjoyed an excellent reputation in the market, not at least through our actions, we put our expertise and know-how in highclass escort service like disposal. We realize when your schedule permits otherwise, of course, very short-term hotel or home visits at the highest level for you. Particularly present we are in our areas of North Rhine-action Westphalia (NRW), Frankfurt region, Lower Saxony and Hamburg. You also have the opporunity to book our lovely ladies in any other region worldwide.

We are happy to assist you in implementing your project, helping to escort VIP. With us as a premium provider of premium escort services in North Rhine-Westfalen (NRW), Frankfurt and Hamburg will be your booking at a escort guarantees an unforgettable experience! Be inspired by a our charming models seduce or to an important event accompany. To ensure that your experience with Tia-Escort to a non-financial Disaster, we offer you in times of economic recession excellent price-performance ration: Beautiful escorts at reasonable prices! We guarantee 100% discretion in processing your service inquiries and look forward to your initial contact!

If you still have us, you have cause for complaint, please  send us these Criticism is the engine for companies claim. Only then is it possible  for us to offer our valued customers in the future an even better service.



"What you see is what you get" reflects the philosophy of our service agency to a large extent contradictory. Our entire team puts in highly value authenticity to our customers. We strive for a long-term partnership with our clients to, in which you not only a Number are, but rather a satisfied customer who likes the services our agency in the future to complete. 

They are our images may appear a little bland, but exactly here again takes our philosophy - the female escorts are realistic, with their own clothing and without professional intervention of a stylist, makeup artist or even photographers will be shown. Only in this way also ensures that the customer find your date before you on the home page for Tia-Escort have discovered themselves. An innovation that is also a decision support is supposed to represent the voice sample of each lady. Please have patience, because not every model kann take the words  easy on the lips. But it goes to this point to the voice itself, which often for sympathy or antipathy decides. We only want to aim your decision even more and to support your dreamgirls.

A important pillar of our company philosophy is a high degree of selection our new arrivals. To give you a consistently high level of premium and to provide escorts, is the personal contact with our escortladies and a face to face selection at the highest level is very important. Only then is it possible for us to give you a selection of fascinating service present trade with very good manners, etiquette and style. 

To deliver quality results, ultimately, by our measure concentration. What this means is that we exclusively with our agency beautiful escort ladies from the most populous state of North Rhine-Westfalen and the expansion of the areas in Frankfurt and Hamburg, which is not mean that the ladies can be booked in other areas. but us is just too important not to be a big presence everywhere, but because we active are also entitled to the top of the class to be, your help and your Trust is important.


Our Home

North Rhine Westfalen NRW briefly called the birthplace of the agency's high-class. Our dream of women in NRW you can expect not only in many major cities of North Rhine-Westfalen e.g. Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Bonn, Essen, Münster, Bielefeld, Aachen, Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg, Bochum, Bottrop, Oberhausen, Bergisch Gladbach Neuss. Each of our ladies is also smaller in all NRW's book community. 

Of course, requests from other federal states of Germany are also desirable and appropriate lead time to be well liked by our models, in accordance with a distance-based minimum booking period relaised. A long trip to remote countries see our escorts also positively. Be inspired by our models the Tia agency enchanted! We keep our promises!


Tia's High Class Escort Models

Be enchanted by our female escorts with mostly German origin! Visit our model portfolio comp card with detailed descriptions, Feedback and impressions of each dream women. Or you can look into overview of our callgirls over and you will find with the help of Tia-Escort dream model filter, the perfect girlfriend for you on time.


Customers that want in


The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and the demand for short-term dates in other regions, has led us to our services expand: We at Tia-Escort agency are now offering our escortservice in Frankfurt am Main. Give us a try and book well in Hessen one of our ladies. Until we give you a adequate presence in Frankfurt callgirls present on site can offer, you each lady from North Rhine-Westphalia at very reasonable travel expenses and a EUR 80 lead time from 3-4 hours.


Tia-Escort goes to Hamburg. The north is now available from Tia-Escort ladies operated. We hope you like our concept in and around Hamburg. We look forward to your curiosity to know us. Then book simply our sweet seduction named Vicky - the Escort Hamburg.


Benefits of Tia Escort Service

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  • We are a high class escort agency that is strong advice.
  • We enter our customer to always be honest and friendly.
  • We seriously as an agency, the wishes of the customer.
  • We launch a new dimension in the escort service segment - the voice sample.
  • We provide exclusive ladies who escort exercise as a sideline.
  • We are also on Sundays - and on public holidays from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. accessible.
  • We regularly calls the health check from our models
  • We come up with a fair price-performance ratio.
  • We provide premium models with predominantly german citizenship
  • We present only authentic photos of our escorts.
  • We present itself to the customers in a stylish and functional design.
  • We hold for all customers who are traveling extremely fast mobile version ready.
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Escort Team Tia
Published by <a href='' rel='author' target='_blank'>Jörg</a> - Director of Tia Escort Agency Germany
Escort Cities Dusseldorf Cologne Hamburg Frankfurt

Escort Dusseldorf

The state capital Dusseldorf is the "home" of the highclass agency the name Tia-Escort. In the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of the central departments of marketing, controlling and coordinating the VIP Escort Agency - your agency in North Rhine-Westfalen (NRW). We provide escorts to the whole world. A focus is on the coordination of highclass escort Dusseldorf dates.


Escort Cologne

You and your escortlady from Cologne metropolis and be inspired by the hip and stylish crowd as well as the bohemian, bustling activity on the streets of Cologne. create the remaining moments with your Cologne lady! Our Cologne team for advice. We guarantee high quality standards of the premium Cologne escorts at reasonable prices!


Escort Essen

Experience the former industrial site Essen from a different side. We advise you gladly Tia-Escort Essen to choose your own personal support for your escort dining experience. Essen so that your girlfriend for time will make  a memorable stay at the Ruhr metropolis, will you leave us to coordinate. Tell us your wishes and expectations of only a perfect meal for your date. We'll do the rest. Our ladies are looking forward to meet you.


Escort Munster

Tia-Escort is constantly on the lookout for stunning high class models for Munster. If you meet the profile of our escortagency, we are already looking forward to receiving your application today as callgirl in and around Munster. In addition to a very high absolute income, the Munster team a very low tax share of only 33%. Have you been for the most lucrative part-time job in the world? Then will escort Tia-Escort model at Munster!


Escort Frankfurt

Tia-Escort is available now, the only previously known in North Rhine-Westphalia class high-class escort service in the Frankfurt area. Tia-Escort Frankfurt presents you with, women dream of time and the highest level. When do you want escorts who are not only extremely attractive, but also constitute an interlocutor with interassante still outstanding service, then you decide to Tia's VIP escorts Frankfurt. Your girlfriend awaits you! Make sure that there is another way! Our models are available from NRW for your Frankfurt experience anywhere. Ask  our team.


Escort Hamburg

Tia-Escort began to look for the expansion area in Hamburg, stylish, feminine and exceptionally attractive escortladies with much wit and intellect. Apply as VIP Escort Hamburg Lady in our agency and convince us of your potential as a model in Hamburg! For our customers in Hamburg we offer in the initial phase of escorts from NRW means fair traveling expenses and a minimum booking period - to - depending on the particular escort models. These data are available on the relevant page - see subsection Hamburg - among cities in the main menu.


Escort Aaachen

An honest and comprehensive advice offers Tia-Escort agency clients in Aachen. The escort service Aachen, 7 days a week from 09:00 bis 22:00 clock to reach you. A young and dynamic team of agency Aachen is looking forward to hearing from you! For your escort in Aachen experience, you can choose any lady from our portfolio. Limit is not. Let us organize your escort Aachen adventure. We hope you enjoy browsing !


Escort Service

Associate with escort service clients and escorts terms like integrity, confidentiality, anonymity, honesty and loyalty. Tia's service meets these expectations. Celebrities are already among the customers of Tia's agency and appreciate it! The years of experience of the leadership of the escort services in the private sector and work for global brands are the basis for this action dar. When you opt for the escortservice,  the stars trust it already!


Associate Sites


Escort Dortmund

Discover your own personal escort from Dortmund lady. Create your unforgettable moments together. Tia-Escort a VIP agency helps Dortmund will be happy for you in selecting the perfect escort lady during your stay in Dortmund. Call the Consulting team in Dortmund and leave yourself without obligation advice. But you can already use the authentic and constantly updated photos of the voice sample and the feedback from other customers make an initial selection. Let us get this together with your preferred date. We dated ecort Dortmund take over from here.


Escort Bonn

Experience in the former capital Bonn, one of the first class escort service. Tia Escort is the best resource for your next service in Bonn. We see ourselves as a agency with premium escorts. Choose your model from our portfolio of Bonn - Bonn Escorts. They will remember for a long time on this day with your lady in Bonn!


Escort Bielefeld

Take advantage of local knowledge of our charming ladies Bielefeld. Leave your city trip to Bielefeld to chance. Be inspired by Your very own highclass escort lady Bielefeld "to take the hand" and guide you through the day. So much fun you have not had for a long time. We promise! Who the VIP escort Bielefeld exclusively for the evening hours in Wishes to claim, is also welcome. Beguilingly beautiful models in Bielefeld will share with you the night of day make.


Escort North Rhine-Westphalia

You can just at the thought of your last business trip to NRW reminiscent of wood-paneled conference rooms or mouse-gray? We, as the highclass escort NRW put an end! Tia-Escort based in NRW will give hand-picked high-class escortladies NRW for your next visit to the beautiful NRW. Go on with your discovery trip with a charming NRW Lady. We keep our promises!



We love our work of Tia-Escort and our customers feel that. High Class Escort is a way of life. We take as a premium service provider and established companies in the field to search for escorts a charming escort you up. You have then only by means of undistorted images, also provided the voice sample of the woman and the characteristics a suitable escort to your taste to select Lady. Who has the choice, the agony car a look at our portfolio! for each taste is something to keep.


Escort Germany

“A Place where dreams come true and memories are made” is the slogan of our premium escort Germany agency called Tia-Escort. We love our job and that feel our clients. So we want to make your visit in Germany to a highlight. Tia-Escort service Germany realize your highclass date within the same day or a few hours. Our ladies would be glad when you will contact us soon. The booking procedure and the ways of contact us you can find here.


Escort Gelsenkirchen

The Tia-Escort agency rely on celebrities. Why not join them in next event in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen for the VIP escort. The Gelsenkirchen team can arrange your own personal fireworks. The charming ladies from the escort service in Gelsenkirchen impress with style and charm. Authentic photos and newcomers escorts sideline will convince you too! And for regular customers offers our escort Gelsenkirchen with its regular customers the VIP lounge a highlight of the class. What are you waiting for? Your High Gelsenkirchen team is waiting for you.


Highclass Escort Service

High Class Escort Service means the team of Tia - service, service and again at the demanding escortservice customers. This idea stands above all the measures in the agency. Celebrities and other clients from Tia feel this philosophy. Those who do not expect a adequate return for the fee paid? We offer escort you from Tia this added value. Welcome wishes are with us, information and assistance we like to do. Positive feedback from our customers, "gasoline". We look forward your challenge in premium escortservice!