Tia´s Summary of Fees

Tia Escort

Tia´s Escort Fees are divided in the categories – Silver, Gold and Platin. All fees include taxes. Incurring travel expenses come apart. Detailed information on travel expenses can be found on each sedcard at the menu item “Fees”.  We offer two different date categories: DinnerDates (dates without sexual activities) and PrivateDates (dates with sexual activities). The minimum booking time for both categories is two hours. Please notice that not all booking periods possible are listed completely. Please contact our Customer Care Team for further information for the individual booking time you are looking for. Payment options are cash and bank transfer only. Tia Escort is well noticed for is excellent value for money. Therefore nothing stands in your way to have the erotic adventure of your lifetime without spending a mass. 

Fee Scale Silver Escorts Silver
2 hours [Private Date]470 €
3 hours [Private Date]620 €
4 hours [Private Date]770 €
6 hours [Private Date]970 €
8 hours [Private Date]1.170 €
12 hours [Private Date]1.450 €
24 hours [Private Date]2.100 €
1 additional day [Private Date]1.100 €
2 hours [Dinner Date]300 €
4 hours [Dinner Date]500 €
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Fee Scale Gold Escorts Gold
2 hours [Private Date]570 €
3 hours [Private Date]770 €
4 hours [Private Date]970 €
6 hours [Private Date]1.170 €
8 hours [Private Date]1.370 €
12 hours [Private Date]1.650 €
24 hours [Private Date]2.300 €
1 additional day [Private Date]1.200 €
2 hours [Dinner Date]400 €
4 hours [Dinner Date]600 €
Escort for Couplessee sedcard

Fee Scale Platin Escorts Platin
2 hours [Private Date]670 €
3 hours [Private Date]920 €
4 hours [Private Date]1.170 €
6 hours [Private Date]1.370 €
8 hours [Private Date]1.570 €
12 hours [Private Date]1.850 €
24 hours [Private Date]2.500 €
1 additional day [Private Date]1.300 €
2 hours [Dinner Date]500 €
4 hours [Dinner Date]700 €
Escort for Couplessee sedcard