Escort Models

Tia Escort


Escort Status Silver
Available in North Rhine-Westfalia, Hesse, GER
Availability Availabilities Female Escorts  Open
Age 24 years
Height 5'5 - 164 cm
Weight 64 kg
Size GER 40, US 120, GB 12, FR 42, IT 46, INT M
Bra Cup EU|GER 80D, INT 80D natural
Hair Color Black
Nationality German
Language English Fluent, German
Job Professional nurse
Smoking No
Tatoo | Piercing No | Yes (removable)
Interests Culture, dancing, cinema, books
Cuisine Asian, Mediterranean
Drinks Spritzer, Water
Escort Model Bella


"Inside" Interview with Escort Girl Bella from NRW

What do you like about being an Escortlady?

Escort is exciting and prickling!A nice and refreshing variation to the daily routine and job. Escort gives me the opportunity to live in another world from time to time and to meet people and would not meet in daily life.

Which part of you body you like the most?

Well, I have more than one favorite: I like my hair a lot, my face, my legs and breasts as well as my feet.

A childhood ambition...?

I was about 5-6 years old when I first saw "Jurassic Parc" and I was totally fascinated about it! The I had the plan to become a "Paläontologin" for a long time.

You like to spend money for...?

Shoes!!! That is not a cliché in my case but an absolute fact! Also, even if it might be morally unaceptable, I love fur. In this case I am a classic female. But I try not to buy cheap fur from china but only from ethical companies.

Today in ten years you...?

I am the kind of person that live here and know, I don´t think a lot about future plans. In ten years, I would like to see my self on a jouney around the world and also on the way to find to myself.

If you could make a journey through time - where would you go and why?

As I am a quite feminine type I would love to see the 1920th in Hollywood and Los Angeles! The emancipation at this time, the fashion - really exciting.

What are you doing in you leisure time?

I love movies and cinema! I love to paint here and then as a have a creative side. I read a lot and collect high heels.