Escort Models

Tia Escort


Escort Status Silver
Available in Bavaria, Stuttgart, Germany, World
Availability Availabilities Female Escorts  Open
Age 28 years
Height 5'7 - 170 cm
Weight 105 lbs - 56 kg
Size GER 36, US 8, GB 10, FR 38, IT 44, INT S
Bra Cup EU|GER 75C, INT 34C Silicone
Hair Color Blond
Nationality German
Language English Conversational, German
Job Freelance
Smoking Occasionally
Tatoo | Piercing No | No
Interests Travel, Books, Culture, Fitness
Cuisine Asian, Italian
Drinks White wine, Champaign, Water
Escort Model Saphira


"Inside" Interview with highclass Escort Lady Saphira from Munich

How did you become an High Class Escort?

I good friend told me that she loves beeing Escort and she told me many details about it. I became so curious that I decided to make the first step towards it.

And next step? You loved it?

My first date was so amazing - and all dates still are. Really exciting and adventureous. The thrill, the new, the unkown and new experiences all the time.

Which is the nicest part of your body?

I really like my whole body. Everything on it. Favorites are my butt and my stomach.

How would third people descirbe you?

Charismatic, loyal, passionate, humorous.

Which book did you read lately?

'Amour fou' by Marek van der Jagt

Today in 10 years...?

I want to be even more independant.

Your Motto of Life?

This life is unique - enjoy it.

You most significant charakteristic?