Escort Models

Tia Escort


Escort Status Silver
Available in NRW, Hesse, Germany
Availability Availabilities Female Escorts  Open
Age 29 years
Height 5`8 - 175 cm
Weight 143 lbs - 65 kg
Size GER 38, US 10, GB 12, FR 40, IT 44, INT S
Bra Cup EU|GER 80C, INT 36C natural
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality German
Language English Fluent, German
Job Business Administration
Smoking No
Tatoo | Piercing No | No
Interests Sport, Travel, Animals
Cuisine Italian, Asian
Drinks White wine, Martini
Escort Model Saskia


"Inside" Interview with Escortlady Saskia from Muelheim

What do you like about beeing an Escortlady?

I like to be able to live out different roles. I can try things and test new sides of myself in a way that I could not do with someone that knows me well. And I love to meet new people.

Your motto of life...?

"A day without laughing is a lost day".

If you could make a journey through time, where would you go?

Difficult.... in one way I would love to see what is coming up in the future. On the other hand going to the past would allow me to change some things I did or to do things again.

What do you like to spend money for?

For beautiful things that make me happy! Not only material items but wellness, trips and events.

What are you doing in your leisure time?

Travel, travel and travel. There are so many things to see in the world and I love to learn about new cultures. Also, I love animals and like horseback riding a lot.

What is good sex for you?

No routine but beeing open and playing new little role plays, experimenting with things. Enjoying the partner and bring joy to him. And a few orgasm as well (laughing).