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Tia Escort


Escort Status Gold
Available in Hesse, NRW, Germany
Availability Availabilities Female Escorts  Open
Age 23 years
Height 5'6 - 164 cm
Weight 110 lbs - 50 kg
Size GER 34, US 6, GB 8, FR 36, IT 40, INT XS
Bra Cup EU|GER 75D, INT 34D silicone
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality German
Language English Conversational, German
Job Student
Smoking No
Tatoo | Piercing Yes (1x) | No
Interests Culture, Sport, Travel
Cuisine Asian, Frensch, Italian
Drinks Champagner
Escort Model Chloé


"Inside" Interview with Escortgirl Chloé from Dusseldorf

Your life´s motto?

Live life to the fullest“! I think everybody should try to get the most out of his lifetime and enjoy it as much as possible.

Two compliments you hear often?

That I am cute and tiny girl.  And that I am a very positive person with a warm charisma. Of course I like the second more as it is not just based on my look but character.

If you could walk in someone else shoes for a month - who would it be?

Honestly, I don´t want to trade my life.  I love it the way it is. If I would than I would choose someone I can learn from for my future life.

What do you expect from beeing an escort?

Growing personally and learn more about myself. Meeting interestin characters and simply having a good time.

Something you are addicted to?

Food! I just love to eat.  And Shoes.

Good sex for you means ... ?

When the chemistry is right. Not taking it to serious, being able to laugh together!  I am open to nearly everything and think technique is not all. The chemistry between to people is what it makes so good.