Escort Models

Tia Escort


Escort Status Silver
Available in NRW, Germany, World
Availability Availabilities Female Escorts  Open
Age 27 years
Height 5'9 - 177 cm
Weight 141 lbs - 64 kg
Size GER 36, US 8, GB 10, FR 38, IT 42, INT S
Bra Cup EU|GER 75D, INT 34D silicone
Hair Color Black
Nationality German
Language English conversational, German
Job Business Administration
Smoking No
Tatoo | Piercing Yes [1x] | No
Interests Photo Art, Sport, Shopping
Cuisine Thai, Italian, Asian
Drinks Wine, Champagner, Water
Escort Model Jenna


"Inside" Interview with high class Escort Lady Jenna from Cologne

Describe yourself in 3 Words:

Passionate, loyal, optimistic.

What is it that you became a High Class Escort Girl?

I love the Unknown, to discover new sides of myself and to enjoy them!

What are you hobbies and passions?

Sport, Movies, Photographic Art and Painting.

What attracts you to a man?

Mature, maleness Charisma, Humor! A nice look including a good parfume. A goalgetting mentality and if I can learn something from him, that attracts me a lot!

What do your friends like about you the most?

That I am a always helping hand, very reliable and very straight person.

Good Sex and passion for you means...?

... that depends on the situation - the Chemistry has to fit and if both are attracted to each other I am a very open and adventurous lover. To give up control in bed can be very, very hot and to play the role of the devote partner, too. But dominance can be a part of me as well.

Which erotic variations or sex toys would you like to try?

Get my eyes covered and my hand tight up... not to no what happends next!

In which outfit do you feel really sexy and female?

A tight dress, high heels and sexy dessous...or nothing underneath at all and only You (!) know it.. but also a pair of skinny jeans, Top and leather jacket can make me feel sexy and female.

What makes you special?

Nothing that can be said in words... just find out yourself!

How do you see yourself as a woman?

A female bon vivant - playful, interesting, full of spirits!

Give me three people that impress you the most:

I am impressed by people with courage. People that don not care to much about what others say, that choose to go their own path in life and stick to their own values and always go back up on their feet if they struggle!