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Tia Escort


Escort Status Silver
Available in Cologne, NRW, Hesse, Germany, World
Availability Availabilities Female Escorts  Open
Age 21 years
Height 5'4 - 163 cm
Weight 108 lbs - 49 kg
Size GER 34, US 6, GB 8, FR 36, IT 40, INT XS
Bra Cup EU|GER 75B, INT 34B Natural
Hair Color Dark Brown
Nationality German
Language English [basics], German
Job Retail Manager
Smoking No
Tatoo | Piercing No | Yes
Interests Fashion, Traveling
Cuisine Italian, Turkey, Asian
Drinks Champagne, Water
Escort Model Fiona


"Inside" Interview With Escortgirl Fiona from Cologne

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Young, self-confident, affectionate.

What is it that you became a High Class Escort Girl?

I am attracted by the adventure, to escape into another world and to spend an exciting time together.

Your favorite leisure time activities?

Fitness, Music and Travelling.

What attracts you to a man?

A self-confident manner and a neat look. It is very sexy if he knows what to say, wants and what he is doing.

What do your friends like about you the most?

That I am always honest and very reliable.

Three people that do or have impressed you the most?

My sister, who always stood by my side in difficult times even if she had enough issues herself. Helen Adams Keller: She became a world famous writer although she was born deef, dumb and blind and shows us that you can achieve anything no matter what!

Your erotic preferences?

I love to try out more kinds of Vibrators and Bonds.

Your favorite Outfit?

I feel sexy in a tight black dress with high heels.

How do you see yourself as a female?

Self-Confident, passionate and elegant.

Finally, what makes you special?

My open-minded and uncomplicated Character and my will to always make the best out of everything.