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Private Date - Sex or Dinner, too?

Many of our new customers ask how a private date is supposed to proceed. First: there is no "road map" how a private date is supposed to be. How much erotic acitvities and how much non-erotic activities as dining, talking, drinking you are sharing in this time is up to you and your lady. But we like to give a little hint to our gentleman: as more as you make the lady feeling that you really like to get to know her and as more attention you give her as more you will get back as a man. Promise.

How much does a date cost?

Tia Escort has three different categories: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The respective price category and amount in Euros can be found on the sedcard of each escort under the heading "Fee". In addition, the terms "Private Date" and "Dinner Date" will be used. Below are the respective prices for the 3 categories at a glance.

Private Dates Fee:

Silver: [2h-470€], [3h-620€], [4h-770€], [5h-870€], [6h-970€], [7h-1.070€],

[8h-1.170€], [9h-1.270€], [10h-1.370€], [11h-1.410€], [12h-1.450€],

[13h-1.500€], [14h-1.550€], [15h-1.600€], [16h-1.650€], [17h-1.700€],

[18h-1.800€], [19h-1.850€], [20h-1.900€], [21h-1.950€], [22h-2.000€],

[23h-2.050€], [24h-2.100€], [48h-3.200€], [72h-4.300€]

Gold: [2h-570€], [3h-770€], [4h-970€], [5h-1.070€], [6h-1.170€], [7h-1.270€],

[8h-1.370€], [9h-1.470€], [10h-1.570€], [11h-1.610€], [12h-1.650€],

[13h-1.700€], [14h-1.750€], [15h-1.800€], [16h-1.850€], [17h-1.900€],

[18h-2.000€], [19h-2.050€], [20h-2.100€], [21h-2.150€], [22h-2.200€],

[23h-2.250€], [24h-2.300€], [48h-3.500€], [72h-4.700€]

Platinum: [2h-670€], [3h-920€], [4h-1.170€], [5h-1.270€], [6h-1.370€],

[7h-1.470€], [8h-1.570€], [9h-1.670€], [10h-1.770€], [11h-1.810€],

[12h-1.850€], [13h-1.900€], [14h-1.950€], [15h-2.000€], [16h-2.050€],

[17h-2.100€], [18h-2.200€], [19h-2.250€], [20h-2.300€], [21h-2.350€],

[22h-2.400€], [23h-2.450€], [24h-2.500€], [48h-3.800€], [72h-5.100€]

Dinner Dates Fee:

Silver: 2 hours [Dinner Date] = 300 €, each additional hour +100 €
Gold: 2 hours [Dinner Date] = 400 €, each additional hour +100 €
Platinum: 2 hours [Dinner Date] = 500 €, each additional hour +100 €

What is the difference in each category: Silver, Gold and Platin?

The categories Silver, Gold and Platin are related to:

- The total package of the lady (look, erotic servic, etc.)

- If the lady decides to offer her service only in that certain category or not at all

- Newcomers normally starting at Silver and can change in a higher category 

- Some ladies, even if the could be a gold or platin due to look and service, decide to stay in the Silver category due to an eventual price sensitivity of the customers

Tia´s Erotic Dictionary from A-Z

Tia's created an Escort Model Selection Tool to make sure that you are able to find your perfect escort lady even easier and faster. The sometimes kind of annoying scrolling through each model sedcard becomes reduntant. Only requirment: your computer or mobile device needs to javascript ready and activated. And there you go!

Central element of the selection tool is the search & selection for “Service” which means the erotic and sexual services the escort model might offer. The information about the services offered by a lady is nowhere else visible on the website.

How to approach the selection tool:

First select on the left side menu what you would like the ladies to be selected by, in this case the “Service”.  Afterwards you select on the right side menu the erotic service that is important to you.
Click on “START” and the selection process starts.  In the result you will only see the escort models which offer the service you have been searched for. You will be able to add further erotic services to narrow down the result. Add more selections criteria if you like to. You can delete single criteria by simply clicking on pink “delete sign” right of the criteria.

As the definition of erotic service may vary from source to source and to prevent misunderstandings, we from Tia Escort have put together our own Erotic Services Dictionary. This will tell you what will be included in the service and how it is defined. Enjoy using our “Escort Model Selection Tool”!



Sexual intercourse by penetrating of the rectum of the female partner with the penis.


BDSM means "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism" and represents a continuum of practices and expressions, both erotic and non-erotic, involving restraint, sensory stimulation, role-playing, and a variety of interpersonal dynamics.

At Tia Escort, BDSM will only be applied and practiced in a soft an playful way like soft bondage games, role playing, soft dominance and a limited and pre-agreed use of basic and soft corporal punishment for example with candle wax. It is essential that both partner agreed before what will be used and how far to go. Special BDSM practices you might like to use need to be clarified with the escort model in advance of the booking.



Attracted to and sexually active with both men and women. All partner interact with each other, also the females among each other (lesbian).


Club Visit

A common visit with you escort at a swing club. If there will be sexual activities during the visit or just a visual participation through watching other couples – both is possible and should be discussed with the escort of your choice in advance. Partner-swapping is optional, but not a must.


Come On Face (COF)

Ejaculation on the lady´s face.

Come On Body (COB)

Ejaculation on the lady´s body or breast.


Deep Throat

A form of fellatio in which the penis is taken deep into the mouth and throat, past the gag-reflex.



Means a „Threesome“. An act of group sex involving three people where the male has sex with two female but no lesbian interaction will be practiced between the ladies. 

French with Condom (CBJ)

Fellatio (oral stimulation of the penis with lips, tongue and mouth) with a condom.


French Kissing

Kissing with participation of both partners tongues touching the partner´s lips, tongue and entering their mouth.


Girlfriend Erotic (GFE)

GFE is a softer, more caring way of sexual activities between the partners. The escort model might act like you loving girlfriend, holding hands in the public or spending time spooning with you, kissing, hugging like an intimate girlfriend.


Kissing (K)

Kissing of all kinds but without tongue.


Pee active

„Golden shower“, female will urine at the male partner.


Pee passive

„Golden shower“ where female will receive urine from the male partner. 

Role Play

Sexual roleplay has a strong erotic element. It may involve two or more people who act out roles in a sexual fantasy and may be a form of foreplay and be sexually arousing. How seriously the play is taken depends on the partners involved. There can be costumes involved or a real script.


Spanish – Breast Sex

Involves the stimulation of the male penis by the female breasts. Commonly, this sex act involves the man placing his penis in the woman's breasts and thrusting between them, while the breasts are squeezed around the penis for additional stimulation.

Are the ladies visitable?

Tia Escort ladies only offer "Outcall" dates, which means you can not visit the lady at an Appartment. But our Escorts like to visit you at a hotel in your desired price range or also at you home adress. You can wait for the lady at the room or pick her up at an agreed meeting point, e.g. the bar or lobby. We also offer a special kind of service for customers which like to remain more anonym and will book a hotel room in you decided price range and location for you. The lady than will check in and we let you know the room number so can meet the Escort straight at the room. To use this service, please get in touch with our customer team!

Does Tia Escort home and hotel visits?

Yes, our escorts offer hotel visits and house calls as well.

What is the difference between private and dinner date?

As the name suggests, is a dinner date a mere accompaniment of a customer from one of our models to a restaurant, an event, a bar, a theater or the like. The accompany is therefore everything except sex, including kissing, and so are pats. If these and other Services of the ladies are desired, there is a so-called Private Date.

How can I pay for the date?

You want as customer like to be as anonym as possible and so usually a payment in cash at the beginning of the dates in an open envelope is the most common way. Please give the lady a short moment to have a look at it. Another option is to transfer to our neutral bank account in advance. If you maybe do not like to be out on the road with an larger amount of cash bank transfer is a quick way to pay cashless. Unfortunately, Credit card payments and Paypal can not be offered.

Are there any hotels recommended by Tia Escort?

The flavors are often very different. But we have for you once listed the most frequently booked hotels for our customers. These can be found in the main menu under the menu item "Cities". Next, choose the city you envisioned. Here you can find under the menu point "Hotel" proposals. In addition, we have hotel recommendations for you also recommendations for the areas of catering, nightlife and shopping.

Hotel recommendations for escort in Dusseldorf (only in German language at the moment)

Hotel recommendations for escort in Cologne (only in German language at the moment)

Hotel recommendations for escort in Frankfurt (only in German language at the moment)

Hotel recommendations for escort in Hamburg (only in German language at the moment)

Hotel recommendations for escort in Munster (only in German language at the moment)

Hotel recommendations for escort in Dortmund (only in German language at the moment)

When are the escort models available?

Our high class escort models send us each to their availability beginning of the week with 2 weeks preview. These give a rough indication of when a lady could accept an appointment. However, we should always talk to once concrete and then confirm the final date you requested. We may from time constraints, the preview does not update every day. Therefore it should be viewed only as a rough guide. Better to have more to ask?

Escort models availability summary

Compared to the Escort model can be expressed wishes of clothing?

Of course, clothing needs to be expressed to be realized within the capabilities of the lady happy. If you like a particular picture of the lady with an appropriate piece of clothing, please let us know this. You can also select the booking form appropriate clothing styles. If you ever have unusual requirements, you are welcome to comment as well. We will then purchase the appropriate clothing in the run, the cost must be borne by you, of course. You look at Tia Escort nothing is impossible and your wishes are very important to us.

Wishes of clothing for an escort date here

Discretion is very important to Tia Escort

Escort is a special experience, but often a tricky task for many customers. Discretion is therefore paramount for Tia escort. Discretion without any success in this business. True to this motto act and we act for the past many years. Tia Escort successfully works with celebrities. Trust us and we trust you. We may also contact you only if you wish. We offer you great freedom in a first booking if you wish to remain anonymous.

How much match the pictures of the escorts of reality?

Tia Escort makes use of any conscious act stylistic means, stylists, makeup artists and image processing software to view the photos of the ladies as closely as possible to be. True to the motto "What you see is what you get" we are about Tia escort. This is appreciated by customers. Of course, changing young ladies, even more so if the household budget allows for more flexibility by escort. Therefore, we are committed on a regular basis to shoot new photos.

Regular health checks are carried out?

 Yes, Tia Escort attaches great importance to regular health checks of the ladies.

Practicing the ladies escort as a side job from?

Yes, we attach great importance to the applicants that they pursue a normal day job or are a student at a university. Thus we make sure that these ladies have a normal social context. The ladies so special. Outsiders can not tell whether the lady is your friend at your side or not. These ladies just looking for a new challenge and that we offer from Tia escort the ladies.

How much lead time needed an escort date?

First of all, ask only for a specific woman when to take your project and it is really a lady. There is no ideal time to market. Of course is the sooner the better, especially if it's a real lady. To ask for more like 2-3 weeks before a date, we usually recommend not as many women still do not know her work schedule and therefore make no reliable statement can. Exceptions prove the rule here too, especially when it comes to a travel company or aufweisst a lady always consistent working hours. It should only be given enough time for a stress-free travel to the lady, including previous styling (at least 2 hours before a date). If you have taken a number of ladies on the short list, then a decision is often also the same day. In this case, please contact us via telephone or less, preferably by e-mail.

When do we ask for travel costs?

Travel costs will only come up if the date occurs outside of the ladies home town. Exceptions are very large cities as Hamburg or Frankfurt. Within these huge cities the distances can be far. Another exception can be airports. Mostly they are outside of the cities. That is why some of them are calculated other than the city itself.

The travel expenses should not became a burden for the customer. Tia Escort will always be very fair and these are supposed to be only related costs. You can find each lady´s travel expenses for the most booked cities at the sedcard under "Fee" [Sample Travel Expenses for Escort Alina from Cologne]. Each Lady is in charge of the height of her costs. And costs may differ in public transport form city to city.

If the location you are looking for is not listed at the ladies sedcards please let us know! We we calcute the cost immediately. In case there are longer distances to travel via plane or train we will only charge the actual ticket prices! You see, travel costs stay only additional costs at Tia Escort!

Appointment can not be perceived - what now?

You have booked an appointment with Tia Escort and you have to cancel at short notice. Now what? We all know how quickly meetings can change or a private event, in this case an Esort date, can not be perceived. Our rule is: As long as the lady is not on her way to you yet, no costs will be charged. If the lady is already in the car and on her way to the date, we will only ask you for paying the travel expenses. This is another point that makes Tia Escort very customer friendly as this is not common among the High Class Escort sector.

Feedbacks are welcome!

Honest Feedbacks are very important to us! This is the only way we can keep up our quality. Furthermore, honest critics allows other customers to get a better and honest picture of a lady. The individual customer´s view might be different from anothers customers opinion. But this is why feedbacks will create an all-over picture of the Escortmodel. You can read through the feedbacks from past customers on each Sedcard under the catergory "Feedbacks" [Sample: Feedback for Escort Amelie from Frankfurt].

Remember, also Escorts are only humans. Of course, critics might help to remove weak points, especially for Beginner Escorts to grow and get better. We looking forward to receive you feedback via SMS or Email - no matter if positive or negative! A final but important note: We at Tia Escort don´t give anything on selfwritten or false feedbacks and we strictly distance ourself from these fake feedbacks that other agencies might use to push their business! We believe that honesty pays off.

Are the ladies to contact by phone in advance?

No, direct phone contact with the Ladies is not possibe and undisered by our Escorts. The Ladies pay us as their agency a comission to provide them all services around their Escort job. If you have any questions, whishes or other needs regarding a date please let us know at any time. We directly get back to the ladies and give you a feedback as soon as possible. Please understand that privacy and anonymity is essential to our Escorts. You can hear each ladie´s voice via the Voice Sample on nearly each Sedcard.

Voice samples for a sound and easier decision

We trying our best to support you by making your decision which of our Escortladies will be your personal perfect match. Beside authentic photos and feedbacks from past customers we provide you with another innovative feature: A voice sample of each lady. A voice can tell you a lot about a person: Does it sound sympathic, how is the ladies expression, does she have an accent and further more. Please bear in mind that some of the ladies might be a little nervous while recording their voice samples in front of a studio microphone. In fact most of the ladies do sound much more natural live. However, the voice samples are a great support to make a final decision. The voice sample can be found at each model´s Sedcard first page directly under the ladiy´s photo on the right side of the Sedard. Just click on the button with the white arrow. We hope you enjoy listening!

Please understand that a few of our Escort Ladies give access to their voice samples only to VIP customers.


Are all ladies available for journeys?

Of course, Tia Escort ladies are also bookable travel companions. Please send us a request in sufficient time. As all our ladies have a day job the will need to make a application for leave at their employer if they are not one of our student or self-employed Escorts. A binding confirmation of the booking can only be made after permission of the holidays. We recommend you to schedule a personal meeting with the lady of your choice like a Dinner Date before going on a journey togehter.

How to gain access to the VIP lounge?

Tia Escort says "thank you" to its regular customers with three or more completed bookings by providing an exclusive Login to our VIP Lounge Area.

But what advantages does the VIP Area offer to you? First, nearly all our listet Models are visible without covered faces. So you have the opportunity to get an even better impression of your favorite ladies and help you to choose the right lady. Futher more, the VIP Area gives you access to a few models that are exclusively visible in this area. These will not be listed in the public part of the website. Finally, as a VIP Member you will be able to listen to the voices of models that did not allow public access to their voice samples but will be available at the VIP Area only.

For all that are not attracted ba these exklusive features the puplic area will still be available. Notice: If you match the criteria of three completed bookings you do not have access to the VIP Area yet please do not hesitate to write us or give us a call! After examination, we will immediately send your indiviual Username/Passwort combination.


VIP lounge login

How do I implement an escort meet?

Men often come to us and ask: How is the procedere of "this thing" actually? We alsways try to give a short but accuarte answer:

First, go to our website and chosse 2-3 ladies that you are attracted to the most. For this purpose we provide you authentic photos, a voice sample, feedbacks from other customers and a filter function including erotic service selection. The ladies are usually mobile and available in nearly any  location worldwide. Travel costs and a potential minimum booking periods at a great distances from the hometown of the Escort can be found on the Sedcard under "Fee". If you feel unsecure or need further assistance in choosing the right Escortlady we are happy to support you via phone or email. Our team is available every day. Next, please let us know us a concrete date and location and the approximate length of the booking. Please note: The minimum booking time is 2 hours.

Bookings can be made via


Online Booking Form

By phone: +491515072218

We will immediately check the availability with the Lady or Ladies you have been selected. You can already see the approximate Availability of any lady at our Website.

Why a booking with Tia Escort?

Tia Escort offers to its clients:

Natural, not-professional Escortladies which are mainly german citizen
A young Customers Service Team always there to serve your needs
A independent Certifcation as an "reliable Escort Service Agency"
Authentic and up to date highclass photos of our Escort Models
A unique and innovative feature in presenting our Escortladies - the Voice Sample
An above average "Value for Money" ratio in the market
Customer Service available on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 1pm to 4pm
Health Attestation for each Escort in regular periods
An transparent and classy Website with almost all relevant information
An extremely fast mobile-ready Version of our Website for all customers travelling