Tia Escort


Why Tia Escort?

The advantages of Tia Escort are: high absolute Honoar [up to 650 € for 2 hours] with simultaneous very low fees to the agency [only 33% - 40% of most other agencies, some even 50%]. Moreover waived Tia Escort completely nude photos and provides a maximum of anonymity [eg ] by hidden face. The professional shooting is free of charge. If you need clothes that are purchased must we go to financial constraints in advance. Furthermore, you cared for a young purposeful team in a friendly atmosphere. The tone is always friendly and we always listen to your concerns or questions. Our customer base includes well-kept mainly businessmen and celebrities. Dates with less as 2 hours, we do not offer what can increase the quality of the customers and the community. We always provide quick turnaround times (from interview through to shoot or pass your own comp card on the website a few days). We are always confident with your data and to always ensure the utmost discretion. In order to ensure you always a very good order situation, we use our know how in order to maximize their presence in the marketplace. If we have convinced you, we look forward to receiving your application!

What can a model earn at Tia Escort ?

We offer every interested Tia Escort high class escort model is right for them prices - up to 900 € [for 2 hours = minimum booking period]. The inclusion in the appropriate price category [Silver | Gold | VIP] is based on the criteria - appearance, scope of service and communication skills. Of course there is the opportunity for us to the next higher price bracket to rise after a "trial period". This requires positive feedback from customers and a very good cooperation between the Agency and Escort model assumption.

What percentage commission must be submited to the agency?

There will be a commission of 37 percent of the Escort Lady´s total Fee which need to be paid to the Escort Agency. Tia Escort submits an excellent service to their Escort Models by having one of the lowest commissions in the High Class Escort Agency Market!


What conditions must be met for an escort girl?

Requirements are intended only for guidance and do not necessarily comply. As the saying goes, the exception proves the rule. That means you should be at least 20 years old, is a limitation not up there in terms of age. However, there are certainly one or the other lady who is 18 or 19 years old and also a successful escort could become a model in our agency. Your body is your asset! You ought to be successful as a high class escort model an exceptionally neat and attractive appearance can demonstrate. Furthermore, a positive attitude and a certain self-consciousness is seen as something positive. You should not be afraid to reach out to people who want to feel erotic adventure. Attributes such as reliability, flexibility and loyalty are very important to us. A certain degree of mobility would also be desirable. If you have no car, we can gladly give you a personal driver to pick you up, while the appointment is waiting for you and then you bring home. Clothes make known to people. If you already have a wardrobe for every occasion, the better. If not, we are happy to provide you with shopping and go before the shooting. The clothing allowance may also like to be charged with the first booking, you should just not have such a budget.

Conditions as an escort model

Which way do I apply as an escort model with Tia Escort?

There are 3 ways of application as escort model in our agency. The most common and preferred way of us is the application form on our website. Here you can with a few clicks and send at least one photo in a few moments of your application to us. We give a rule within a second Days a feedback. We would like to understand if an applicant does not reveal her true identity. Use a pseudonym in this case. Much more important to us accurate information about age, height, weight, etc., as well as a meaningful photo. Unfortunately, email us again and again ladies professional photos that have little to do, unfortunately, too often the reality. A captured image with your smartphone in the wardrobe mirror is for us an objective assessment of your person as an escort model much more helpful. Another possibility is the application of general application. This is a mail with the key data, a possibility of contact and at least one photo. The third possibility is the phone application. Many of you have questions in advance, we will then answer. However, it is usually not with the telephone application a written application bypassed because we still need to make a photo of you to make an objective assessment to be able to. One final note: If you do not have a computer, an application via text messages and photos via MMS or WhatsApp also possible. We look forward to receiving your application!



Does it cost me a photoshooting with Tia Escort?

To make it short, so the photoshoot with Tia Escort is free! We would like Tia escort as it is with reputable modeling agencies do not make the case of the shootings profit but exclusively through a successful mediation to potential customers.

Can I use your own photos on the homepage?

No. Every photographer has a unique "signature". Tia Escort takes great care in their own handwriting or a homogeneous corporate identity within the site. The motto here is: all of a piece. Moreover, the issue is bypassed image rights. Candidates might be tempted to come, pictures in which they have no rights to use the Tia Escort website. Tia Escort could be reprimanded for it. To avoid these issues out of the way, we have a very clear focus - is shooting itself Tia escort the ladies, the shooting is free and the CI (the way of the photo) is the same. The images are used solely for the provision of escorts. An interference in the area of the face gets every lady. The Grand of all recognition determines the respective Escort Model together with the Agency.

I am a staff escort model?

The question can be answered very clearly with the self. We are a high-class escort Tia agency that provides high class escort models to potential customers. Thus, cooperation is not established through being employed. You are, as well as photo models, hostesses or couches themselves. This sounds complicated at first, but it is not in any way. In your trade office you will receive a small fee of around 20 € a business license. This can also be obtained retroactively to one year.

Will my income be taxed?

In Germany, revenue should be taxed, of course. We can with any additional questions refer to our tax advisor that gives you information and you also like to care for a collaboration.

Where is the photo shoot?

We follow you! That means when a lady from Hamburg advertises realized, we in Hamburg, the photo shoot, etc. except in NRW: Here we used the shooting to a rule, near Dusseldorf.

How long is the period between application and online connection to my comp card?

Tia Escort solve many in-house and external service providers rarely needed. Thus it may be that the interval between the interview and the online connection of their own comp card in the event of cooperation is less than 1 week. Usually dictates the candidate or potential candidate to beat. We strive to promptly forward to find a shoot together. As our photos are not nearly worked, after just one day or the same day after the shooting, the visible comp card online and available for all customers.

How often will I be booked as an escort girl?

The question we always ask applicants. An evaluation is always very difficult and if possible only after a personal meeting. Your order situation depends on the following factors: attractiveness, service scope and quality of service, communication skills, authenticity, mobility, loyalty, repeat customers and some potential further points. We are however always tend to be conservative in our forecast as optimistic. In general you should not print money but have to earn merit by viewing the escort as a nice to have income.

Many agencies publish nude photos - not Tia Escort!

We want to stimulate the imagination of Tia escort our clients and refuse nude pictures of escorts from strictly on our website. In addition, we want to maintain the anonymity and privacy of our models.

Tia escort ensures your anonymity on our homepage!

We use various instruments of Tia escort us to ensure your anonymity. So you can be sure that you do not you ever seen someone close to 100%. Your name in our agency is clearly installed a nickname and not your real name. A bar or an interferer (lipstick) make sure that your face is not nearly visible. You are in front of the degree of recognition. Furthermore, the service that you offer, not to read on your comp card. So you could in doubt for an outsider even pure dinner dates, that is pure erotic escort service at no. Nudity and therefore distinctive features of your body does not exist at Tia escort. The clothes worn by you in the photos should be in the best case, newly bought (we will offer you a free Couching) or rarely worn. Thus, the recognition factor is almost zero.

Eroticism is the key to success, but not a must

Many prospective customers ask us whether erotic escort Tia escort for a date is always a must. The answer is yes and no. We are also providing dinner dates - ie without adult escort meeting - at. However, these so-called dinner dates are primarily used to organize a short meeting that a longer holiday company are offshore. But if you want to earn money comes with no escort on dates around including erotica. Of course, it is left to each woman to break the date, the chemistry was not even fit. However, this was very rare in our history.

What information can I get a customer before a date with him?

The answer to this question is quite simple: Equal rights for both. A customer wants to be treated equally discreet in dealing with its data to the lady as well as high-class escort models in our agency to the client. In general, our customers also use synonyms and rarely mention the real name of the lady opposite. What would be the advantage for the escort model? No. The safety of the escort models is guaranteed of course but on other factors that are not released to our escort models. If a customer can send a photo as an agency for the lady with the request to forward it, then we are happy to fulfill his wish. So you can make you a better picture of your future opponent. However, this is not the rule. Summary is also exactly the task of an agency - high class escort model and customers together without being transparent to each other be.

Do I need a business license?

An escort girl is like a fashion model or a hostess an independent person. This requires a business license in Germany, which is available in your business office of the City (City Hall) for 20 EUR and you will immediately be issued.

Do I leave a voice sample on the page?

Tia Escort offers its customers, as innovation in addition to the photos of our escort models, and a voice sample for a decision aid. A voice contributes much to get around with a bad decision. In addition, a beautiful voice is often also a criterion for reservation. Thus, we would also like to escort each model gives a voice sample, but rather for regular customers or visitors, dealing intensively with the site, such as can be seen. A voice thus creates trust us a better company situation.